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A New Launch Everyday For 31 Days!

If you miss one day, there is a new chance the next..

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a brand new Invention

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About ICP

Instant Cycler Profits is a brand new Invention. We are using brand new techniques to make you profit from your advertising. Instant Cycler Profits is for those who want fast returns. With Instant Cycler Profits you can double your Ad spend in minutes!

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What makes
ICP so revolutionary?

Have you ever been in a cycler where you were not lucky with the launch? Maybe your connection was bad or the website where you were going to signup was unstable, with the result that you got your positions in late. With Instant Cycler profits that will not happen again as we are introducing a whole new way to do cyclers.

Perpetual Launch Strategy

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New Launch Every Day?

Instead of relying on one simple launch, Instant Cycler Profits is using a new technology called perpetual launching strategy. This means that Instant Cycler Profits will have several launches. Actually we will do a new launch every day!

By doing a new launch daily every one will have the possibility to be first. If you miss one day, there is a new chance the next.

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How Does The Cycling Work?

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Even though each line is started with a separate launch, all the lines are connected with each other and work in symbiosis with each other. When someone cycles in a line, there is a new position created in the line above, creating a system that lets a position cycle up through the levels.


At the same time new positions are created in line 1. These positions in line 1 will cycle up through the whole system. Bubble up technology will keep the whole system moving with no one being stuck at the end of a line forever.

Fair For

To prevent those who cycle first from continuing to cycle first, while the others end further and further in the back, the cycled positions are written to a temporary file. When the new line launches, the new positions goes in first. Thirty minutes later the file with the cycled positions from the day before is added

Chances For

This way everyone has a chance to double their money right after every launch. Knowing that the cycled positions from the day before will be added to the line makes it even more interesting to go again.


Frequently Asked

  • What is InstantCyclerProfits?

    InstantCyclerProfitso is an advertising platform where we sell banner and text ads and accept Crypto as the main currency. InstantCyclerProfits shares it's advertising purchases with its members via a brand new Cycling system.

  • How Does the Purchase System Work?

    Every day at 8 AM EST a new line is opened. The program opens December 1 and the first line opens December 1 and is called line 1. The cost for a position in line 1 is USD 1 and it comes with 100 Banner Ads and 100 Text As. The next day, December 2, line 2 opens where each position cost USD 2 and comes with 200 Banner Ads and 200 Text Ads and so on. Look at Payplan for more info.

  • What Cryptos are available for purchase and withdrawals?

    For funding we accept: TRX, USDT TRC 20, SOL, XRP, LTC, BTC and ETH. For withdrawal we pay out in : TRX, USDT TRC 20, SOL, XRP and LTC.

  • Is there a Deposit and Withdrawal Fee?

    There is a 5% deposit fee on deposits and a 10% withdrawal fee on withdrawals.

  • How many ads will we receive for our purchases?

    You will receive 100 banner and 100 text ads for every USD you purchase positions for.

  • How Does the Cycling work?

    There is a new launch daily. Positions purchased in the launch that cycles are placed in a temporary file. The member is paid double the amount of the positions cost and the sponsor is paid the cost of the position. At the same time new positions is created in line 1. 30 minutes after the launch the cycled positions from the day before is added to the line helping cycling even more positions.

  • What is the meaning of Qualified to Earn?

    For a sponsor to earn matching bonus on a specific level he need to have a position at the same level or higher than the cycling referral.

  • Is there a limit to how many positions you can purchase?

    No, you can purchase as many positions as you want, however each purchase can have from 1-10 positions.

  • Is the system Transparant?

    Yes it is 100% transparant. All cycling comissions are live streamed to Telegram. Check who is next in Line any time in back office.

  • Is there a Re-Purchase rule?

    Of course. It is 30/70. It is there to make sure the cycler keeps going.

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Instant Cycler Profits

is 100% transparent. All cycling comissions are live streamed to Telegram. Check who is next in Line any time in back office.

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